Rihanna 777 Tour Day 6: Finally, A Surprise Visit From First Class


“I would do this again, but I’d want my seat to be right here so I can see the naked Australian guy,” said Rihanna, pointing to 33E as the plane made it’s final descent into New York City.

This was Rihanna’s second and last appearance on the Boeing 777. Dozens of cameras recorded the moment as RiRi graced us with her presence in the last 5 minutes to apologize for her week-long absence. Unfortunately, our excitement and curiosity for the Bajan star had slowly but surely diminished. It was too late. All we could genuinely cheer about was when the wheels of the plane touched the ground. Home, at last!

Hours earlier in London, most of the media took advantage of the day hotel, getting at least 3 hours of sleep before the show that night. The most memorable thing about London will be that king size bed and the London Navy fans. They were A-MAZING. Their energy and non-stop cheering made Rihanna’s lip synching and repetitive dance moves almost bearable. This one girl CRIED next to us when she found out we were on the 777 tour plane. No joke. It was cute.

London Set List:

1. “Cockiness”
2. “Birthday Cake (Remix)”
3. “Talk That Talk”
4. “Wait Your Turn”
5. “Man Down”
6. “Only Girl in the World”
7. “Don’t Stop the Music”
8. “S&M”
9. “Stay”
10. “Unfaithful”
11. “Take A Bow”
12. “Hate That I Love You”
13. “Take Care” snippet, “Where Have You Been”
14. “What’s My Name?”
15. “Run This Town”
16. “Live Your Life”
17. “All of the Lights”
18. “Diamonds”
19. “Umbrella”
20. “We Found Love”

Awkward moment alert when Rih stopped in the middle of ‘Where Have You Been’ to scold her band. “What the f— is this? Why is the track off from the band? This is the bullshit we have to deal with when we’re doing a random rock ‘n roll tour with no rehearsals and shit.” Of course, the fans didn’t mind. Check out Day 6 in photos:

Arriving in London, early morning.

Trying to find our luggage in the freezing cold.

Two-hour drive to the hotel, watching the sun rise…

…Still in the bus, driving through the city.

Finally! A little piece of Heaven… a BED.

Hanging out with the London Navy before the show.

Rih opens with Cockiness.

And then she shines bright, like a diamond.

A solemn crowd as Rihanna performs ‘Stay’ from her new album Unapologetic.


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