Friday Face-Off: Dido vs. Fall Out Boy

by (@fdot415)

We’re in Thanksgiving recovery mode, so it’s time for a special Black Friday Face-Off! You may be nursing a raging feast belly after attempting to induce an L-Tryptophan coma to stave off squirm-worthy questions about “marrying that nice boy you’re living with” (rinse down turkey with wine and repeat). Or you just said no to traditional T-Day and are recovering from the hangover that accompanies watching ThanksKilling with friends and stuffing your face (more bacon, less familial judgment). Fall Out Boy‘s “Thnks fr th Mmrs” and Dido‘s “Thank You” respectively fit either scenario. Whose video reflects your Black Friday mood best?

Team Dido: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

“Thank You” – I want to thank you, Dido, for giving me the best song off the Sliding Doors soundtrack (remember Sliding Doors?!) and for providing the perfect sample for Eminem‘s “Stan.” Even without the Slim Shady nod, the song and its quirky video hold up on their own. So you had the worst Thanksgiving of your life, Dido reminds us all that it’s not so bad. You have to appreciate someone so blissfully happy that she can brave eviction and seeing her house bulldozed with a dreamy look of contentment on her face. Quick! Someone bottle that loving Dido was clearly getting back in 2000 so I can use it for next year’s family feast. I’d be grateful.

Team Fall Out BoyChristina DeBiase, Intern, Music  (@TINAcious_D)

“Thnks fr th Mmrs” – Who needs vowels in a title when you have monkeys in a video! Fall Out Boy has never shied away from being as random as they want, and this video is no different. The Babyface-produced track rocks harder than that monkey going HAM on the drumset at the 1:48 mark! Of course FOB had to have over-the-top visuals to go with it. Enter Kim Kardashian cameo. Yup! Before Kimye, the tush that launched a thousand reality show spin-offs made out with Pete Wentz and canoodled with a chimp. That’s winner material I’m thnkfl fr. Oh, mmrs!

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