What I’m Thankful For: Rappers On Instagram

by (@Lacezilla)

I often find myself feeling grateful for the little things that make me pause to smile. These days, those things aren’t always as clichéd as rainbows and finding expected loose change in coat pockets. It’s also within the stuff we come across every day. That’s right: social media. Rappers happen to be more active on social media platforms than ever before, and I’m not just talking about vain Instagram selfies (Hi Rihanna). I’m talking about quirky posts that open the door to reveal something truly genuine or endearingly silly about the artist’s personality.

I’m not even going to tell you who to follow, because this post is about what makes me happy, but the Instagram antics of the following four rappers are notorious for making me giggle in public.

“my current playlist”

Jay Electronica (@jayelectronica)

When he’s not sharing images of his LDN surroundings, dog, or super-wealthy lover Kate Rothschild, Jay Elec is likely to tout his spiritual acumen for his 47,000 followers. Be still my esoteric heart. The best part of these non-album related posts? They always generate hundreds of “but where’s your record?” comments. True love.

“Me and my brother max b mother posted up”

French Montana (@frenchmontana)
French’s constant stunting is amusing on it’s own, but he also has moments where he gets a bit more relatable. Like this photo, for instance, where he’s posing back-to-back with mentor Max B.’s mom. All hail the woman who gave birth to The Wave. Bonus: They’re both wearing hats!


Meech (@meechisdead)
You might know Meech as one half of Brooklyn duo Flatbush Zombies, responsible for “Thug Waffles” and collaborators with A$AP Mob. They might co-opt the Gravediggaz sound, but Meech, showing off his grills here, is entertaining enough to make me (willingly) forget. Why R.I.P.? Because you can only have 1-2 grills in your mouth at at time. Now that’s tragic.

“Amsterdam ,2nd show of the night,SOLD OUT”

2 Chainz (@hairweavekiller)
Like his new single professes, 2 Chainz is…different. Showing his own form of simplistic gratitude by way of Instagramming his meals and high-end fashion gifts, he also takes a photo with the crowd at each of his live shows. Adorbz.

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