At Last, Ke$ha’s Ghost Sex Song Has Arrived!

by (@zaragolden)

Ke$ha‘s upcoming album Warrior doesn’t hit shelves until December 4, but bits and pieces of the much anticipated Animal followup have begun to hit the ‘net. Amongst the bunch of new K-$ leaks are a “We R Who We R” follow-up, her much-coveted Iggy Pop duet and the song she wrote about that one time with a ghost.

“Supernatural” has Ke$ha sing-rapping praise for post-life fornication. It sounds pretty much like a Ke$ha song — a scorching dance beat, some laser-y synths and a dash of autotune — and doesn’t really get into the nitty-gritty of the ghoulish act, but it does find her YOLO-ing like usual as she encourages: “Get a little bit wrong / Get a little bit wild / Get a little bit high off of this love tonight.” It’s grinding and not for the faint of heart, but — you know, neither is ghost sex. So! Listen while you can over here.

Ke$ha spends about as much time endorsing late nights and glitter as she does blathering about Iggy Pop (see: this New York Times profile, in which she was quoted as saying, “I’m obsessed with him, I’m such a stalker”), and finally she’s nabbed him. Their duet, “Dirty Love,” has Iggy making reference to Rick Santorum’s sex-life and favored sweater cut (v-kneck) and Ke$ha admitting that “champagne tastes like piss to me.” It’s good and rowdy fun, and probably as close to rock-n-roll as we’ve heard from the shock-pop queen thus far. Give it a spin here while it lasts.

Also in the mix was a song called “Crazy Kids,” which is a continuation of “We R We U R” that builds around a throbbing dub beat and bird whistles. “Tonight we do it big / We shine like stars / We don’t give a fuck / because that’s just who we are,” she sings. before dropping down to a “I See Dead People”-style whisper to declare: “We are the crazy people.” There are even moments when she sings in a way that might well be described as “pretty” — a first for Ke$ha, who has (rightly!) never felt the need to make that much of a priority. Listen to “Crazy Kids” (slightly warbled to deceive the Web Sheriff) here while it lasts.

What do you think of these new songs? Are you as excited for Warrior as we are?

Krazy Ke$ha Just Leaked Two New Tracks From Warrior, “Crazy Kids” and “Supernatural” [Popdust]

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