50 Cent, Adam Levine And Eminem Are On The Run In New Video For “My Life”

by (@zaragolden)

50 Cent didn’t take much of a gamble with “My Life,” the first single off Street King Immortal which he describes as his “recovery, his comeback.” The song is radio-friendly and carefully calibrated for success, with features from a hip hop legend (that’d be: Eminem) and a chart-topping pop star (cue: Adam Levine) and a thoughtful role-out strategy that includes a radio premiere yesterday, a live-debut on The Voice last night (see below) and this geared up new video.

The big-budget video finds the song’s stars on the lam, in fancy cars and on foot as they run from helicopters and spotlights. “The video is kind of abstract; it’s kind of metaphoric in a sense, like the paranoia of feeling like we’re being chased,” Eminem told MTV News last month, explaining that they’re running to keep their personal lives safe from fame and fortune’s trappings because, “Whether it’s true or not, it’s kind of how we feel.”

Last night, 50 linked up with Levine at his place of work — The Voice — to give the heavy-weighted track a live (and heavily bleeped out) debut. Eminem was apparently busy last night, but there was lots of fog-machine smoke and Cee Lo seemed plenty pleased with his fellow judge’s rambunctious impression of him. So, not bad!

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