A Britney Spears And will.i.am Electronics Gift Guide According To The Futuristic Product Placement In Scream & Shout”

by (@lindseyweber)

Last night’s X-Factor premiered the new Britney Spears/will.i.am video “Scream & Shout” and even though the song’s not festive in any holiday-specific manner, there’s definitely a slew of specifically placed electronics that you might want to add to your Xmas shopping list. Don’t get me wrong, will.i.am’s not shilling any liquor brands, but he does show off a white Maserati and I have a feeling his new signature hat (with the fangs!) will be sold in stores near you. What Will did place throughout the video were shots of pretty cool (and high-tech!) electronics–everything from an iPad typewriter to a bionic hand–stuff that you could buy in stores right alongside stuff that you could only dream of owning.

But let’s say you did let will.i.am (and Brit) choose your gifts this year. What should you be buying?

What: Yep, that’s an iPad plugged into a typewriter, typing out the lyrics to “Scream & Shout” as you gasp in steampunk-ish horror:

Cost: Sorry, you can’t buy one of these just yet. But you can DIY it

What: Looks like this is a Maschine by Native Instruments. It’s a really impressive rhythm machine that connects to your computer and allows you to make crazy dub step noises! If you want!

Cost: Wanna make will.i.am-inspired beep boop beep sounds? Then this device will set you back $669.

What: Hm, what’s this thing sculpting a beautiful face and could it be will.i.am’s? The “m” logo is identical to that of Makerbot, a 3D printer that prints real three dimensional objects (like will.i.am’s head!) using plastic and magic. Just kidding, it’s basically a computer.

Cost: Want to make your own will.i.am heads? The Replicator 2 will cost you $2,199.

What: Does your iPhone float in water? will.i.am’s does. Looks to me like it’s some sort of protective, waterproof case. Could be an Otterbox or even this iPhone Scuba Suit.

Cost: The Otterbox is not yet on the market, but the iPhone Scuba Suit costs $60.

What: Ah yes, we finally get to the products will.i.am is personally selling. His brand of iPhone accessories, iam+, haven’t even hit stores yet and he’s already showing them off. But basically they are very pricey (and very flashy) iPhone camera attachments, that give you a stylish case and a wide-angle lens for your phone’s camera.

Cost: When they hit stores, the will.i.am iPhone accessories will cost $315 and upward.

What: I’d recognize that small red “b” anywhere. It’s Beats By Dre and this smoking pill-shaped speaker is their brand new wireless bluetooth speaker, called (ha!) “Pill”.

Cost: The Pill costs $200.

What: Someone’s giving extra props to what looks like a bionic hand to me. The question is, does this bionic hand exist? Thankfully, its “tag” is showing. The i-Limb Ultra is a pretty incredible prosthetic hand, crated by Touch Bionics, and on the market for those who need it.

Cost: Probably not something you’d be able to put “under the tree” as they say, but if you’re interested in the i-Limb, you can reach out to your doctor.

What: Are these some sort of bionic glasses?

Cost: Pretty positive you can’t get these at Best Buy, but you can DIY them if you like their steampunk futuristic style. Just grab these glasses and pop the lens off this lomography camera. A little super glue and you’re all set. Kinda.

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