Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter Without Tweeting, And He Wants You To Think About What Music Would Sound Like Without Him And Rihanna


Chris Brown Reactivates Twitter

It has to be written: Chris Brown and Rihanna are the new age Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. The main ingredients of their similarities are rebellion and dysfunctional addictive love.  Rihanna’s Oprah interview opened the floodgates for the pair’s openness about their friendship/not-so-secret-relationship that would soon follow. Whatever their relationship status is, “ain’t nobody’s business” (except the whole Internet). They’re now comfortable letting the world publicly see their love for one another through tabloids, Twitter and Instagram, and you will deal. By the way, Chris is back on Twitter, as we predicted he would be. It took all of a week.

The R&B star hasn’t tweeted just yet, but the twitter page has been reactivated as of December 2. His non-activity on the social networking site he quit just a week earlier hasn’t kept him from sharing his life on Instagram, including the lead photo of this post. “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” the text accompanying the picture read. To be young and in love. Expect generic tweets promoting his brand to soon follow. And the quicker we all realize this Bobby and Whitney Jr. have given the middle finger to anyone who has an opinion on their love lives, the faster we can move on from anticipating their next move.

Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter, Sharing Rihanna Pictures On Instagram [MTV]

[Photo: Instagram]

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