Jay-Z’s Subway Ride Turns Into A Lesson On Modesty When Asked If He Was Famous


It’s pretty much part of a rapper’s pedigree to have a massive ego. Humility doesn’t exist often in the world of hip-hop as the job entails a bit of braggadocio. Jay-Z isn’t excluded, but modest Jay was captured for a brief moment in his new documentary, Where I’m From: Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary. On his 43rd birthday he debuted the 24 minute YouTube documentary showing the behind-the-scenes footage of his eight night extravaganza he performed at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center back in October. It’s also the source of the now infamous clip of him riding the NYC subway to Brooklyn.

If everyday you’re standing on a crowded train platform hoping to run into Hov, don’t hold your breath. Riding the subway was actually a great marketing plan to show that Barclays Center is train accessible from Manhattan. He’s a business, man. What? You didn’t think he rode the subway for fun, did you? Whatever the reason he stood back against the wall to enter the one of the yellow line trains, an elder woman, (rumored to be NY artist Ellen Grossman), had no idea who he was.

When she sees the security and cameras she politely asks, “Are you famous?” Hov responds like a true OG. A modest one at that. “Yes. Not very famous, you don’t know me. But I’ll get there some day.” After the two chat briefly she asks him what his name is again so she can “get it” (read: remember to look him up) and he responds, “Jay. Jay-Z.” Now that rings a bell! “Oh, you’re Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z.” It couldn’t get more adorable than this. Jay makes even a ride on the subway a news event. And he makes it look effortlessly cooler than it is. Trust us.

Watch The Adorable Video Where Jay-Z Lies To An Old Lady On The Subway About Not Being Famous [Crushable]

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