Mariah Carey’s Kid Instrument “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Tops Our 5 Favorite Off-Beat Holiday Videos


Huh. We’ve been pondering Mariah Carey‘s elementary school instruments version of “All I Want For Christmas” from last night’s Fallon for a couple hours now and we are still a little unsure how we feel. Don’t get us wrong; obviously, it’s adorable. It’s just not very Mariah.

The fact that the American Idol judge allowed herself to be shot with anything other than a telescope covering in Vaseline is surprising enough, but the fact Carey just ran in instead of descending in a sleigh… well, it’s all very interesting. Makes you think. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time we’d enjoyed a slightly head-scratchy holiday video:

2) Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly, “Little Drummer Boy”

Ferrell and Reilly’s rendition of the Christmas classic is clearly a spoof of the Bing Crosby and David Bowie original, but then also it’s kind of good? We don’t know what to think. On a semi-related note, Ferrell’s hair is giving us night terrors.

3) Ke$ha, “A Merry Little Christmas”

A lovely tune, a man urinating into a snow bank: it’s what perturbing holiday dreams are made of.

4) Stephen Colbert, “Another Christmas Song”

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Leave it to Colbert to tear away the veil from the implicit commercialism of Christmas! Plus it’s so catchy!

5) David Hasselhoff & Gwen, “Please Come Home For Christmas”

We’re horrible people for being into both Hasselhoff’s cravat, strange limpid eyes and that elegant pretzel banner behind him, right? God, we know. We’re so sorry. Still, something for you die-hard Gwen fans out there!

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