The Music Of Nashville – “The Winter Finale!!”


The Music Of Nashville
Back in my day, there was no such thing as a “winter finale.” We had television shows that pushed through the holiday season, walking to school in six foot snow drifts, uphill, both ways. None of this month-long hiatus crap. But that’s how TV works these days, and we have to wait until January 9th for the return of Nashville, when we find out poor, crazy pill-popping Peggy’s fate, whether or not Juliette is REALLY going to marry her Faux Tebow, and just how this co-headlining concert with Rayna and Juliette will go.

In the meantime…let’s talk about the music from this so-called winter finale, which includes another hit from Scarlett and Gunnar, and a church hymn I know I never sang in church choir before.

I hate to say it but Scarlett “Ring Of Fire” O’Connor is really starting to bother me. Or maybe it’s just her voice. Personally, I hated her version of “Ring of Fire” last week because it was too twee and twangy, and that’s how I felt as she sang along while writing “When The Right One Comes Along” this week with Gunnar. I like Scarlett, I really do, and I am still very much in love with their songs from earlier in the season, (you know, the songs we got in the “fall premiere” and the “midseason autumnal equinox sweeps” episodes, all of which preceded the winter finale) but there’s something about her lately that’s bugging me. The actual process of writing this song, which was composed by local Nashville performers Sarah Zimmermann, Justin Davis, and Georgia Middleman, sounds very much like Gunar and Scarlett’s writing sessions, Middleman met her co-songwriters at the Bluebird Cafe and each of them added pieces to the song to make it a sweet, romantic love song. As Callie Khouri explains in her “On The Record” commentary at, this is exactly the kind of song and these are the kinds of songwriters “that people might not get to hear unless they live here.” Below is a rendition of the song performed by Zimmerman and Davis. Also, please watch the “On The Record” if only to watch Sam Palladio (Gunnar) talk about the song — did everyone else know he’s British?? I did not.

This week we also got a new jam from Juliette — a church jam, in fact. First off, as a little sidebar, I’ve been missing Juliette’s b—chface, she’s just too damn happy now that she’s with Sean, so I was really happy to see her whip it out whenever her mother came up this week. There’s the bitter ole Juliette I love! But before she could get all irritated about the realities of her life she decides to go to church with her man and his family, and his overzealous little sister Dana asks Juliette to sing a little number with the church choir. “I think I can come up with something we both know,” says Juliette, but in fact what she sings is a completely original number and it’s REALLY lucky that the entire church choir already knows it.

Songwriter Kate York explains that it took an hour to write “For Your Glory” and the process of getting on the show took about a half hour. (The song was co-written by Leeland Mooring and Jack Mooring.) Kids looking to bust into the music industry, I’m pretty sure that is not normally how any of this goes.

The producers explain that the song was used because it could double as a pop song-slash-gospel-slash spiritual, and it was pitch perfect for the scene. How Sean’s evil hag of a mother isn’t able to accept Juliette even after hearing that is beyond me, I will tell you that much.

This episode once again featured Wyclef Jean for some reason, who only ever refers to Atlanta as “the ATL,” and a new job prospect for Deacon, as he decides to tour with some old buddies, The Revel Kings, who I hoped were a real band but are in fact, not. And slightly more off-topic, am I the only person who, when the “Edgehill Records” label is mentions keeps thinking they’re saying “Eggshell”? Yes? Okay then. But now I’ve planted that seed in all your brains until we meet again in January to discuss the “New Year’s Premiere!” or whatever it is we’re going to call it.


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