You Would Be “Just A Fool” To Miss Christina Aguilera And Blake Shelton’s Ellen Performance

by (@zaragolden)

This morning on Ellen, Christina Aguilera unwrapped “Just A Fool,” a lazy belter off of Lotus, an album we actually quit liked, that has her duet-ing with country superstar and her fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton. Aguilera has tried a lot of genres and styles in her many years of pop stardom, and one thing that’s remained true through it all is that the woman can sing. “Just A Fool” makes good use of that talent, giving her (and Shelton!) space to hit all the really big notes. And hit them they did on Ellen’s festive sound-stage today. Mostly they kept things casual — both wearing jeans, neither letting go of their mics — but there is nothing casual about how good they sounded.

And so when she gets on a stage and has to perform without the help of post-production, she almost always sounds really really good. For example: we bang the studio version of “Your Body,” like, a lot; but how good did it sound when she stripped the effects and performed it with a bunch of office supplies on Jimmy Fallon? Really good. Today she sounded better.

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