Not Literally, But Brandy Says Whitney Houston Losing Her Voice Probably Drove Her Insane


There was nobody as influential to Brandy‘s singing career as Whitney Houston. Whitney was her idol, her close friend, her everything. Almost a year later Brandy still tears up while talking about the legend on CNN’s Piers Morgan talk show. Brandy remembers falling to her knees in tears when she found out about Whitney’s passing. Brandy also weighed in on how Whitney must have felt after losing her voice. Hopefully her transparency will not be misconstrued to defame The Voice’s character.

“Of course there’s more to you than your voice. But, that’s what you use to share, that’s what you use to give. It’s your purpose. It’s what you were born to do …It probably drove her insane,” the Two Eleven singer said about her idol. Brandy used “insane” but not in a literal sense. But it has to be tough to lose your voice when singing, and being one of the greatest ever, is all you’ve ever known. It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the year mark on Whitney’s death anniversary. This Sunday, December 16 at 9PM EST be sure to tune in to VH1 DIVAS to catch the Whitney tribute.

Brandy remembers Whitney Houston [CNN]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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