5 Things We Learned About Maroon 5 Fans From The 10-Minute, Crowd Sourced Video For “Daylight”

by (@zaragolden)

“Payphone” still ringing in our ears and “One More Night” only just now beginning its decent from the top of the charts, Maroon 5 have already begun negotiating the success of their next entry: “Daylight.” The pop titans premiered the melancholy new Overexposed single on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, and have since worked it into theirĀ  Grammy Nomination Concert medley. Today it gets a lengthy and crowd-sourced music video, which neatly doubles as a ‘Thank You’ for and a testament to the flesh and blood fans that have helped them in their quest for total chart domination.

You see, Maroon 5 are one of today’s most successful acts — Overexposed debuted at number 2 on the Billboard charts last June, and “Payphone” or “One More Night” have reigned near the top of the Hot 100 continuously since then — but save for those of us in it most of all for the possibility that Adam Levine might take off his shirt again (if that’s you, this video will be a bummer; maybe watch the “Payphone” video twice instead?), what exactly makes a M5 fan? They aren’t vocal like the Bielibers or loyal like the Swifties, there is no unifying hashtag (that we know of!). After watching this 10-minute, fan-generated “Daylight” video, though, we feel like we have a much better sense of who these devotees may be.

Five things we learned about Maroon 5 fans from “Daylight”

1. They Love: Their family, dogs, friends, honest people, people who don’t judge you, their lives and cats. There are also a lot of clips of sunsets and people doing flips, so they probably like sunsets and back flips, too.

2. They Hate When: People complain on Facebook, things related to or revolving around driving, people who are really judgmental, talking about their feelings, when people pretend they want to hang out but then never make any effort to, not having options or freedom, and cats.

3. They Just Want To Be Loved: Some are in love, some are in love but afraid to tell the one they are in love with, some have had their heartsbroken, some are scared that they will never fall in love, and most are in love with Adam Levine.

4. They Have Overcome Adversity: There are a surprising number of teary-eyed submissions. Maroon 5 fans have lost loved ones, are homesick, fight with their family. Some have been bullied, one girl hates college and another worries that she isn’t as strong as people think. One especially brave fan admits: “One of my biggest regrets in my entire life is spending more time with my boyfriend than I did with my sister while she was sick with cancer.”

5. They Are Inspiring: Many say things like, “Everybody should be who they want to be,” or “Let the music set you free!” We meet writers, teachers, photographers and mothers; “future motivators,” dancers and even a stripper. And, “Without music,” one says, “I couldn’t live.”

In short, we now know that Maroon 5 fans are everywhere and everyone, which more or less explains their dominance. That and shirtless Adam Levine.

Maroon 5’s “Daylight” Video: Watch The 10-Minute, Fan-Generated Clip [Idolator]

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