Florence Of Florence & The Machine Stops Fight At Concert With A Polite Scolding


You will laugh, then you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine nicely scold concertgoers for fighting at her show. In Aberdeen, Scotland a fight near the stage broke out while she was singing “Shake It Out.” Florence immediately stopped the performance with a demand: “I can’t have you fight in front of me while I try to sing this song,” she said in her lovely British accent. “No fighting allowed. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’d quite like it to stop. Doesn’t matter whose fault it is.” Tell them Flo! “Excuse me, all of you, stop it.” We’re fawning over her for taking matters into her own hands. Besides, who fights at a Florence & The Machine concert? As someone who has seen the group’s awesome live show, let us reassure you there is nothing to fight about.

The crowd cheered her on for her bravery. Florence noticed a fan who was crying because of the melee. Without hesitation she jumped in the crowd to console the girl with a hug. Such a big heart she has. How can you not love this woman? All hail Queen Flo.

Florence Breaks Up Fight At Concert

Florence & The Machine Stops Concert To Break Up Fan Fight [TMZ]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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