PopDust Artist Of The Year Taylor Swift Looks Back At Her Best Year Ever

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2012 was the year that  Taylor Swift made her first (mostly) adult record, hosted a VH1 Storytellers, sold 1.2 million albums in a week, broke iTunes records, dated a Kennedy, covered all the magazines and pizza boxes, earned herself $57 million dollars, and — and well, you get the point: Taylor had a tremendous year. In order to properly celebrate her 2012, our pop blogging friends over at Popdust have declared Taylor to be their Artist of the Year. But before she was allowed to claim her crown, she had to answer a few questions about what made 2012 so special for her.

Here is how Taylor’s 2012 — which she says “was more like a two-year process, actually, culminating in a surprisingly pleasant reception for Red” — breaks down:

In 2012 Taylor Swift voted: From London by absentee ballot, and she won’t say who for.

In 2012 Taylor Swift watched some television: She’s only had time to see one episode of Nashville (she’s been pretty busy hanging out at the zoo), but she’ll always make time for a Law & Order: SVU marathon. “Olivia Benson is always there when we need her,” she says, quite correctly.

In 2012 Taylor Swift read some of, but not all of the books:  She read Sheila Weller’s Girls Like Us to prepare for to get ready for her maybe role in the Joni Mitchell biopic, but she did not read 50 Shades Of Grey, which is a bit surprising given her proclivity for all things romance.

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Songs of 2012: Ed Sheeran‘s “Lego House, ” Ellie Goulding‘s “Anything Could Happen” and “Madness” by Muse.

In 2012 Taylor Swift was decisive, sometimes:
Be prepared to chose the restaurant (and probably the desert, too) if you’re going out to dinner with Taylor, because she’ll probably have already made enough big decisions for the day:

What I’m not decisive about is where to go eat dinner tonight or what to order. I always let my friends choose where we’re going to go, because today I decided where I’m going to be for the next two years of my life.

In 2012 Taylor Swift turned rants into hits: Like the idea for “Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor came up with her favorite line off the entirety of Red (which is surprisingly not the “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes” line) without even trying:

I was going through a really hard time then, and my band joined in playing, and one of the first things that I came up with, just, like, spat out, was “And you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.”

In 2012 Taylor Swift had exactly as much fun as she wanted to: The “fun thing” about Taylor’s life is that, unlike many precious pop stars, she doesn’t have to abide by a handler’s rules. Rather, she says she gets to make her own plans and keep whatever sorts of hours and friends she would like:

The fun thing about my life is that I don’t have any babysitters. Like, if I wanted to go out clubbing tonight and stay out all night every night for the rest of this month, no one would tell me not to … It’s just that I don’t really feel like it!

Not so bad a year, eh?

“I love living a life that I can write about:” Talking With Taylor Swift, Artist of the Year [Popdust]

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