Courtney Love Was “Not Amused” By Paul McCartney’s Nirvana Reunion, Were You?

by (@zaragolden)

Last night Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana took to the Madison Square Garden stage together to perform a new song they wrote together called “Cut Me Some Slack,” all of which was unthinkable before yesterday when a rogue report suggesting that the former Beatle had been tapped to be the new Kurt Cobain showed up in The Sun.  And so of the many cool things that went down at last night’s 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief — Kanye’s skit, included — that this “reunion” even happened is far and away the biggest and the most surprising news to come out of the evening.

This, though, is less surprising: TMZ reports that Courtney Love was “not amused” by this so-called “Nirvana Reunion,” and was particularly nonplussed by McCartney’s involvement (which seems to have flared some sort of personal qualm, because she apparently also said: “Look, if John were alive it would be cool.”) Love tends to be eager for attention, and so to nobody’s great shock she picked up when she saw TMZ on the caller ID. She is also protective of her late husband’s legacy, and so once again to nobody’s great surprised, she’s understandably a bit peeved by all this “reunion talk.”

We get it, mostly: McCartney himself even said those words — “Nirvana reunion” — onstage last night, and there is certainly an argument to be had about whether or not that can even be without Cobain. Regardless, we found whatever it was that happened on that Madison Square Garden stage last night to be reviving. It was a thrill to see Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear rip through their first post-Nirvana “Nirvana” song ever, and it was fun to see Macca get really into the grind, yowling about “Mama let me have some fun.” And that’s all to say nothing of the relief we felt when McCartney demurred to do an old Nirvana song. There they were, entertainers doing something special and exciting, and doing it for a good cause. Shouldn’t we do as they ask and cut them some slack?

And so while we finish relocating our dropped-jaw, we want to know what you thought of “Cut Me Some Slack”? Let us know!

Courtney Love “NOT AMUSED” by Sir Paul & Nirvana [TMZ]

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