Game Calls For Boycott Of Fox News After Beef With Reporter Michelle Malkin


Celeb twitter beefs are the new headline grabber. One controversial tweet from a celebrity can quickly become the day’s news, overshadowing any of their, uh, artistic projects.

Lots of folks have their panties in a bunch over the artwork to Game‘s fifth album, Jesus Piece. It’s unclear if the outrage lies in Game’s audacity to portray Jesus with brown skin, or if it’s the depiction of Jesus as a gang-banging Blood rocking a Jesus piece. Most likely it’s a bit of both. Fox News 11 reporter, Michelle Malkin, felt strongly enough about the cover to write on her website, “Rapper The Game depicts Jesus as a tattooed Blood gangsta. See the blasphemously “dope” album cover here.” Malkin didn’t specifically write anything that hasn’t already been said. But the fact that she works for Fox News only added fuel to Game’s irritation.

Forget waiting on an interview with your media outlet of choice when you can tweet your feelings to the world within seconds. “#BOYCOTT @michellemalkin NOW ! She’s racist, & makin racial & blasphemist comments about my album. Same b!$&% said Obama isnt AMERICAN RT,” Game tweeted to his million followers. He continued, “#BOYCOTT @michellemalkin & #FOXNEWS11 !!!!!!! We cannot allow racism to carry itself into the NEW YEAR !!!!! We cant !!!!! RT RT RT.” Michelle responded with a jab at his album, “.@thegame Aw, what’s wrong — is your trashy album not selling? Not afraid of you or your race-baiting misogynist gangstas.”

As if the pot wasn’t already boiling over with the animosity between the reporter and Compton rapper, once fans and Fox supporters joined in with opinions of their own, the situation became unbearable to witness. Michelle RT’d the threats she received from some of Game’s fans while Game RT’d his fans’ insults hurled at Michelle. For a network that has a history of disliking rappers and rap music, they certainly spend a lot of time covering hip-hop culture. Hmmmm. Deja vu, anyone?

Game Reacts To Fox Reporter’s Criticism [Rap Radar]

[Photo: Getty Images and Twitter]

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