Drake Accuses Others of YOLO Theft, Has The Saddest Christmas Ever

by (@lindseyweber)

Everyone’s favorite emotional rapper Drake was bound to tap into the requisite holiday sadness. Not to mention that he’s actually Jewish, but even eight days of miracles didn’t stop him from taking out his holiday woes by taking to Instagram to attack the YOLO industry that is sprung up following his lead:

“Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque”

2 for $12! That’s a good deal.

“Macy’s…same goes for you.”

Hate to break it to you Drake, but YOLO has been trademarked since 1993:

YOLO has been in use for commercial purposes since at least 1993, when a trademark was filed for YOLO Gear. (The clothing line’s logo gave the full expression as the tagline.)

It’s cool though! You seem to be doing OK. I saw the gift you gave to yourself this year, and it looks super fun. Or maybe super depressing, both seem to apply.

An owl-embroidered leather chair and stripper pole combo.

“Christmas gift to myself…#KODatthecrib #Areyouaperformer #ThatswhereIsleep”

“#ThatswhereIsleep”, Drake hashtags.

Don’t cry for Drake? He’s PAID. In Hanukkah gelt:

“Honorary Jew @chubbsview”

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