JoJo Returns With Free EP, Will It Be Too Little, Too Late?

by (@lindseyweber)

Remember JoJo? No, not that JoJo, this JoJo. The JoJo that launched her career when she was just thirteen and starred in a movie with Robin Williams. Well, JoJo isn’t thirteen anymore, and since her hit album she’s been doing all sorts of good stuff–most of it under the radar. There was that cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” that sounded (dare I say) better than the original? Last year’s “Disaster” even peaked at 29 on the Billboard charts last year. Most exciting, however, is JoJo’s newest project: an EP called Agápe.

Recorded with a crew called The Backpackkids, who call Agápe‘s “genre-less music”, it sounds a bit like Dawn Richard, a bit like Drake, and a bit like Brandy. All in a good way. Standout tracks include “André” (an ode to André 3000 and his “beautiful mind”), “Billions” and “White Girl in Paris” (a Joni Mitchell cover).

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