2012’s Most Memorable One-Liners In Music

by (@Lacezilla)

Whether it arrives via an artist’s song lyrics, ad-libs or in the form of a routine sound while performing on stage, your favorite rappers and singers are constantly dropping consumable anecdotes for the masses. If they’re lucky, these catchphrases are repeated and mimicked often enough to eventually be added to the popular-culture lexicon, used as amusing mantras for us all to drop in text messages and into tweets as #hashtags. Some might even make it into the dictionary.

This year, especially, delivered a treasure trove of jack-able artist quotes, and while you might wish that most of these never make it into 2013, we present you with a nostalgic look at this year in music verbiage: 2012’s Most Memorable One-Liners.

1. “YOLO”
We’ve seen the tattoos and we’ve heard the stories of it tragically back-firing, so there’s certainly no denying that Drake’s (or Rick Ross’?) You Only Live Once motto wasn’t one of the biggest this year.

2. “(Pop A) Molly”
We can all rattle off a list of rappers who (over)used this designer drug reference in 2012, but here’s hoping that Meek, Kanye, French, Trinidad James, Ross and others can find a new addiction to flaunt come January 1.

3. “Oh God”
Like a cheerleader for himself, Detroit’s G.O.O.D Music member Big Sean knows how to announce himself before spitting a verse. Alternate spellings include gawd and gaud.

4. “That’s that sh*t I don’t like”
Co-opted by Kanye, Chief Keef’s declaration of what displeases him helped us all find our voices while making it’s way into all forms of communication this year.

5. “…maybe?”
Thanks to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” success, loads of people were jokingly slipping self-doubt in conversations, adding a quick dot-dot-dot-maybe after a would-be assertive sentence. Like the song’s parody appeal, the quip’s irony may have hit an expiration date.

6. “Ya Bish”
Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees” is not only a good kid, m.A.A.d city track favorite, but it spawned widespread usage of his edited version of the word “bitch.”

7. “At The Same Damn Time”
For the mutli-taskers out there, this contribution to slang was especially useful, allowing us to convey that we are able to do two+ tasks at once. All the gratitude goes to Future.

8. “Truuuu”
A sound effect that’s reverberated for months, 2 Chainz’ “Truuuu” reinvented the wheel by removing the “e” from an age-old form of agreement, allowing Tity Boi to employ a sonic staple on tracks.

9. “Bitch, you wasn’t with me shootin’ in the gym”
After Kobe Bryant divorce rumors spread, Drake popped shit and apologized to Vanessa Bryant in his “Stay Schemin'” verse, asserting that Kobe shouldn’t have to share his wealth. In turn, we all began filling in the blank; “bitch, you wasn’t with me bloggin’ in the office!”

10. #LifeIsGood
Returning to hip hop’s formal playing field, Nas delivered his Life Is Good album in 2012 and made sure fans heard his positive mantra throughout the duration of the LP, and in all of his promo messaging. Salute!

11. “Bandz A Make Her Dance”
This strip club anthem was bestowed upon us by Juicy J, and again inspiring fill-in-the-blank humor, folks took it upon themselves to list quite a few other things that make the ladies dance.

12. *Grunt*
My friend has the Rick Ross grunt as her incoming text sound, and she’s (arguably) a hipster. Need I say more?

13. “Ain’t Nobody F*cking With My Clique”
As as result of another G.O.O.D Music entry, we now have a cooler way of referring to our group of friends in a boastful way. If you’re a fan of the remix, you already know the translation.

14. “Yuuup!”
We can attribute this next one to the homieTrey Songz. Scantily clad Tremaine is always good for yelling it over tracks and at shows.

15. “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”
In her Unapologetic lead single, Rihanna sang her hook in Sia’s australian accent, and magic occurred thereafter. You may have even used the diamond emoji to convey this message of excellence.

Honorable Mention
PSY’s “Sexy ladies,” Miguel’s “Adorn” noise that sounds like “wopp,” Chris Brown’s “Leggo,” and Taylor Swift’s “Like, ever.”

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