Are Beyonce And Lady Gaga Cooking Up Something “Ratchet?”


Has Beyonce convinced you she has a little ‘hood in her yet? Or at the very least that she’s not this shy boring persona all the time?

Even the biggest Beyonce fan has admitted that her personality can be a bit dry. Her overly-private and “shy” nature has been great for remaining above the tabloid drama, but hasn’t necessarily made her the most interesting celebrity. Luckily, her mystique carries a certain appeal. Once Bey said hello to 30 and motherhood, she slowly cracked the window for the public to see a little bit more of her life through Tumblr and most recently Instagram.

A couple days ago Bey posted a photo of herself mean mugging in a Houston Rockets hat with Bamboo earrings baring the word “Ratchet.” Known to capitalize off the most recent trends it wasn’t a complete shocker that Bey would support being ratchet. Perhaps it’s not just the word or ratchet behavior she’s co-signing, though. Months ago Azealia Banks mentioned recording a song of the same name with Lady Gaga. Could this mean the Beyhive can expect a cameo from their Queen on an Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga & Beyonce track? Imagine the lyrics. The hook. The vocals. Azealia’s verse. Oh, and the video! It’s going to be, well, very, very ratchet.

Beyonce Posts “Ratchet” Photo, Fueling Rumors Of Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Collab

[Photo: Instagram]

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