Angel Haze Concludes Twitter Feud With A Diss Track Aimed At Azealia Banks

by (@zaragolden)

This afternoon Angel Haze and Azealia Banks — two invigorating female emcees with eagerly anticipated major label debuts near on the horizon, two female emcees who once had plans to hit the studio together — engaged in a nasty back and forth on twitter, most of which has already been well screen shot-ed and filed away as “the first rapper beef of 2013.” The feud began with a tweet from Bank that read, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY …. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.” Though Banks didn’t name names, the Detroit born Haze assumed the message to be about her and her song called “New York.” Haze fired back with a series of @-replies that began with a knock at Banks’ interest in fashion but quickly devolved into a full-fledged, slurred-fueled and particularly sad spat.

At some point, Haze pulled away from the “send” button for twenty-minutes and a hair flip to record a fiery Diplo-produced diss-track called “On The Edge” that has her more thoughtfully addressing her issues with Banks.

An exceptional — and exceptionally productive, apparently — rapper, Haze goes in on Banks’ expensive taste and past beefs; but she also takes more substantial and considered knocks at Banks taste in producers and her delayed album release. She also boasts that “If rappers crucified ‘bitch’/ I’m the resurrection,” suggesting however that “I’m here to f*cking teach ‘em/ You the f*ckin’ lesson” — which is an awfully sharp criticism, although Banks may or may not be a deserving target of it.

“I just want you to have the balls to respond to me, bitch,” she concludes. If only Haze had skipped Twitter and gone straight to the mic…

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