Mariah Carey Doesn’t Think The American Idol Judges’ Panel “Has An Issue”

by (@zaragolden)

As you will probably never ever be able to forget, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were caught fighting at the American Idol judges’ table during early Season 12 auditions rounds. They have already earned the attention of everyone from Barbara Walters to Stevie Nicks to President Barack Obama, and it’s likely to draw many more curious viewers when show returns on January 19th, but the panel’s ladies have mostly been mum on the subject of the altercation as of late. And so with the season debut just around the corner, The Hollywood Reporter‘s American Idol coverstory has arrived just in time to fan the flames.

“Sometimes things get heated for their own reasons, I don’t think the panel has an issue,” says Carey, at once acknowledging the tension and shrugging it off. Minaj was a bit more direct when pressed on the issue, explaining that, “I am scary and intimidating. I definitely demand respect. I’m also a sweet person. I’m a loving person. But I don’t want to be f*cked with.” Both woman go on to share that they had doubts about signing on to the show, and Nicki says she is “still surprised that I decided to do it,” but surely those enormous checks were impossible to turn down.

Will you be tuning in when the show starts in two weeks? Or has the Nicki/Mariah drama gotten the better of it?

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