R.Kelly Let’s The Children Of Newtown Know That “I Know You Are Hurting”

by (@zaragolden)

Baby boy ain’t doing so tough, and so R. Kelly is doing what he can to provide some comfort to Newtown in the wake of last month’s terrible tragedy. The “World’s Greatest” wrote and wrangled a full choir to sing an uplifting song called “I Know You Are Hurting (Tribute To The Newtown, Ct. Kids),” which is now available for purchase from iTunes with all proceeds going to benefit the victims’ families.

The tribute begins with a children’s choir singing heartbreak-y things like “we need your love” and “we need some answers.” We would love to say that Kells then swoops in on one of those epic runs, so great and so sweet, with all the asked upon love and answers, but unfortunately he does not. He doesn’t really sing all, actually. Rather he just sort of coos along agreeing while an adult choir offers well wishes like “I know you’re hurting, I hear your crying/ But come tomorrow, there is a place you can go to find blue sky,” ceding the spotlight to the kids. But as Newtown’s students returned to school for the first time yesterday after last month’s tragedy, it’s hard to deny the gesture. Thanks, Kels.

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