Forget About Mariah Carey’s Voice, Tommy Mottola Is The Reason For Her Success, At Least He Thinks So


Mariah Carey‘s five-range octave doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things because who can’t sing in a five range octave? Yes, you’re detecting sarcasm, but according to Mariah’s ex-husband/music industry executive Tommy Mottola, he is responsible for the pop star’s success. The New York Post wrote a three page story on Mottola’s memoir Hitmaker, in which he details his account of his four year marriage to Mariah. The conclusion? Mariah can thank his “obsessiveness” for her successful career. Umm, ok. 

At least Mottola didn’t gloss over the fact that he was a very married man when he began lusting after Mariah. He also admits to having a shrink who was opposed to the Mariah love affair. From the excerpts included in New York Post’s article we learn what we already knew: Under Mottola’s tyranny Mariah was like a caged bird without wings. Perhaps this is why Mariah loves butterflies because she finally got to fly away from the control. Mariah has referred to her marriage to the man who discovered her as a “private hell.” Well, Mottola’s response to any of the speculation that he was too controlling: “If it seemed like I was controlling,” he writes, “I apologize. Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success.” Notice the “if it seemed like I was controlling” versus ‘if I was controlling.’

In his eyes, if it weren’t for him controlling everything she did pushing her so hard, she wouldn’t be the Mariah we all know today. Somewhere Nick Cannon has a pen and pad formulating a quick 16 bars diss aimed at Mottola.

Mariah Carey’s ex Tommy Mottola claims responsibility for her success in memoir [New York Post]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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