Trey Songz’s Role In Texas Chainsaw 3D Was Why 1 in 3 Moviegoers Under 25 Headed To The Theater


Trey Songz Texas Chainsaw 3D

Trey Songz‘s sex symbol image is raking in the dough. Ok maybe it wasn’t just because he’s sexy. He’s recently ventured into films with his first big-screen debut in the umpteenth version of Texas Chainsaw 3D. And Trey’s popularity with the ladies (we’re assuming it’s women) filled movie theater seats. Literally.

Over the weekend the sixth installment of the Chainsaw franchise collected $23 million opening weekend, which is the second highest opening for the series. According to the LA Times a whopping 64% of the viewers were under the age of 25. Of that age cohort 1 in 3 said they saw the movie because Trey Songz had a role in the film. 1 in 3! Hollywood understands that casting music artists in films puts more derrieres in seats. When you’re Trey Songz who recently performed at the Madison Square Garden and had (rumored from eye-witness accounts) bras thrown on stage, people will happily purchase a $13 ticket if it means seeing their favorite singer. Is Trey about to take over Hollywood as the new “it” guy, or should he stick what he knows?

‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ is strong No. 1; ‘Promised Land’ disappoints [LA Times]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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