One Direction Swims, Surfs And Gets Shirtless In “Kiss You” Video

by (@emilyexton)

If you thought “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young” were completely uninhibited in their level of gosh darn cuteness, One Direction‘s latest video for “Kiss You” takes adorable to new heights in 2013.

Like the lyrics say (“Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like”) all five guys are up for just about any kind of dating activity, be it in the surf or snow—which means they each have the makings of the perfect Bachelor contestant, should they ever need help in that department—as they travel from various Elvis Presley-inspired locales (just in time for his birthday!). The diverse settings serve as nods to the King’s classics like Jailhouse Rock and Blue Hawaii, as well as Frankie Avalon‘s various cinematic vacation parties on the slopes and sand, allowing the guys to show off their sillier sides and their swim trunks.

There are goofy expressions, more than a few flirty touches to make Tumblr go wild and an abundance of general merriment that should cater to just about any casual or super obsessive 1D fan. Whether or not you’re in it for the water cooler conversation (“One Direction…England…The X Factor…Taylor Swift!”) or keep a detailed record of when and where Zayn Malik last appeared with a blonde streak in his hair, there is something to be admired (or at least keep you occupied) from this video during those dreary first days back at work. Plus, Liam does a few steps of the Macarena. (Take that, haters! They do dance.)

Ridding our minds of any chatter that Harry Styles might be considered “trouble” (trouble, trouble), the shaggy-haired tattoo fiend seems like nothing but a fun-loving chap who enjoys riding dangerously alongside his bros until the sun goes down AND isn’t afraid to tell the world about his extra nipples. Mark Wahlberg and Zac Efron salute you, Hazza. While all vacations might not end as happily for Harry in real life, we just hope the sailor suits mean 1D is on board for an Anything Goes revival next year.

One Direction One Kiss Video

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