Taylor Swift’s Split From Harry Styles Allows For Sad Photo Opps and More Tour Buzz

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Taylor Swift Sad On A Boat

“I’m (sniffle) on a (sniffle) boat. A one-way ticket to a lonely island, please.”

It seems like only yesterday we were oohing and aahing over the painfully cute/much too perfect photos of Taylor Swift strolling through New York’s Central Park with One Direction‘s Harry Styles. (Probably because it was only yesterday a month ago?) Despite being extremely wealthy and good-looking, it looks like these two won’t be making their musical fantasies a reality, as reports that their fledgling relationship is already over surfaced on Monday. Maybe Taylor wasn’t a fan of Harry’s growing tattoo collection, or quitting her diet of breakfast at midnight helped her realize that she’s been there, done that when it comes to dating barely legal boyfriends? Did Ed Sheeran finally get in the way? More likely, the harsh truth that you never really know someone until you travel together came to bite these two lovebirds in the behind. (Harry always seemed like a sloppy packer to us.)

Then again, it’s hard to commit to using words like “breakup” and “split” given the black-and-forth nature of Taylor (and Justin and Demi’s) various romances, as well as the valuable PR stock her allegiance with 1D provides. Both have new albums out, with ambitious tours slated for 2013 (kicking off in March for Taylor; February for Harry and One Direction). A few weeks of conflicting reports of revenge and reconciliation couldn’t hurt either one–just look at Bieber’s Believe tour; the Bieb may have struggled at points depending on where he stood with Selena Gomez, but fans showed up regardless. But back to the details: Taylor and Harry spent New Year’s Eve together in New York City, capping her live Times Square performance off with a very public makeout among the crowd. Harry did seem a little hesitant to us; maybe he’s not the PDA-type? After ringing in the New Year, the two jetted off to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, where they had enough time to pose for friendly photos with fans and wear pretty sundresses before things fell apart. The Daily Mail says HaylorGate 2K13 ended in an “almighty row” and we’d like to believe it, because the Brits always make things sound better and more serious.

Richard Branson Is OmnipresentLuckily, when you’re famous, bad times don’t always have to be spent alone—unless you are trying to capture your somberness in a picture as a preliminary songwriting tool—particularly when Richard Branson is only a phone call away. And because a certain level of fame in the U.K. automatically makes you best buds with the sexagenarian billionaire, Harry was able to enjoy some hot tub time with Sir Richard and his merry guests at his private home on Necker Island, before doing a solo walk through Heathrow Airport on Monday. At least he’s got that guitar to pen a good breakup song of his own! Just please don’t change your name to “Harry Rocknroll.”

Speaking of which, was it the exploding potential for catty post-love songs that did these two in (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (I Mean It This Time Remix)” or their combined preexisting catalog (“Change My Mind,” “Over Again,” and of course, “I Knew You Were Trouble”)? We may never know.

Taylor Swift Heads Home Alone From ‘Romantic Holiday’ After Splitting From Harry Styles following Almighty Row [Daily Mail]

[Photo Credit: Jake Hurley / @JHurls23 / MTV News, Getty Images]

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