Kid Cudi To His Record Label: ‘If Things Don’t Change Soon, There’s Gonna Be Some Problems’


Artists and record label squabbles are as dated as the existence of said labels. Kid Cudi has a bone to pick with his label Universal Republic for the lack of radio spins for two of his singles from the forthcoming Indicud. Instead of hashing out his concerns in an office or over champagne he aired out his grievances on Twitter. No more are the days of keeping personal/business matters behind closed doors.

Cudi tweeted a string of reasons he feels “Just What I Am” and “King Wizard” should be in heavy radio rotation. His argument is that in comparison to Trinidad James whose “All Gold Everything” has nearly the same amount of views yet he hears Trinidad James‘ song all the time but not a peep on either of his singles. Of course in his brain this means it’s the label’s fault for failing to promote. Cudi promises there will be problems “if things don’t  change soon.”

Nah Right weighed in on Cudi’s tantrum claiming they don’t feel sorry for him or any rapper who chooses to sign to a major label in 2013. “I’d just like to see rappers think outside of the box already,” the editorial reads. “We have this whole new school of artists that we refer to as “groundbreaking”, that came up on the internet and built these huge followings outside of the system, and as soon as a major comes knocking their independent spirit goes out the window. Why not pull a Louis CK or something? Do something truly groundbreaking.”

It is strange that even being part of Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. Music Cudi’s records have flown under the radar. Cudi has a huge following, which is why both his videos have over three and five million views without being radio hits. Perhaps it’s time for all artists to figure out if the label-artist relationship model fits their needs in the age of music distribution via Internet.

Kid Cudi Attacks Label On Twitter After His Singles Flop [Idolator]

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