The Music Of Nashville: It’s Official, I’ve Changed My Mind


The Music Of Nashville Change Your Mind

Here’s the thing about Nashville: the quality (and/or quantity) of good, solid music performed on the show is inversely proportional to the soapy story lines each episode features. Last night was all drama, devoted to Juliette and Sean’s whirlwind wedding, Juliette’s beef with not just Sean’s caricature of holier-than-thou Southern parents but also with her own mom, Rayna’s father’s attempts to blackmail her by revealing her older daughter’s REAL father’s identity, and Scarlett and Avery’s simultaneous makeup-breakup sex on the couch. So what I’m saying is that when all I get from this show is a couple of songs where Scarlett and her lower lip warble out a couple of twee notes, I’m not thrilled.

Have the rest of you viewers changed your mind drastically about Scarlett the way I have as the show has progressed? Because I went from truly enjoying songs like “Fade Into You” and “If I Didn’t Know Better” to cringing every time I hear this girl and her twang-a-lang chirp start in. And now she’s even going to front Avery’s old band, which he left high and dry to run off and make music with Wyclef in Atlanta? I’m not sure I’ll be able to take it.

In an episode almost devoid of solid tunes, the episode gave me two to choose from, both sung by Scarlett. The first was her outing with the Avery Barkley Band where she sang “Twist Of Barbwire,” and it kills me to point out the fact that this was written by Elvis Costello. It’s been sung on the show now by both Avery and Scarlett, and you can hear Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery, discuss the making if the song over on his website. (“Never in a million years did I think that I would be recording an Elvis Costello song,” he says. “Let alone a song that he’s written that has never been recorded or released.”) You can watch Scarlett’s version here. I literally can’t stop looking at her mouth. Maybe that’s my biggest problem with this?

The second was Scarlett’s duet with Gunnar called “Change Your Mind,” which is my pick for song of the week, and which you can watch below. The song was written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson, and Troy Verges. Together, Lindsey and Sampson have penned country hits like “Jesus Take The Wheel” for Carrie Underwood, so all told, I should not be complaining about the music quality of the episode with so many great songwriters on board. I guess I just can’t be satisfied. Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let ‘er rip in the comments.


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