If Destiny’s Child Is Going To Reunite At The Super Bowl They Should Probably Use Our Set List

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Destiny's Child To Join Beyonce at Super Bowl

Yesterday’s news of a new album from Destiny’s Child was received by rapturous excitement across the Internet, particularly for those of us who thrive on musical nostalgia and gender equality among single-sex pop acts. With a release date of January 29, the timeline for Love Songs and a DC3 comeback compliments Beyoncé‘s upcoming appointment at the Superdome on February 3. Hmmm. Wishful thinking on our part, or a thoughtful media takeover that’s been carefully planned for months? After being burned by JT, we’ll always second-guess ourselves.

According to Us Weekly Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will be featured guests during Queen Bey’s big Super Bowl gig, obviously willing to sign themselves over to her lifelong archival project. While Beyoncé is still the main halftime performer, currently splashed across a very large billboard here in Times Square, her groupmates will reportedly join her onstage to perform a medley of hits as well as debut the group’s new song, “Nuclear.” Oh, and then Beyoncé will probably unveil a song off of her still untitled fifth album. No big deal.

What will they perform? What will they be wearing? For the trio that proved camo-print bikini tops can be powerful and not sleazy the possibilities are truly endless. We’re hoping it’s more of a throwback culled from some of the group’s past style standouts. We’ll also will always vote for Beyoncé to wear a red cowboy hat.

Since the ladies are likely busy fanning themselves and not answering Twitter mentions in the wake of such a colossal announcement, we’ve saved them the burden of drawing up a set list. These tracks are sure to satisfy both DC and football fans alike–and if not, it’s on them to start the movement for an En Vogue reunion in 2014.

“Lose My Breath”

With a built in drum line, performing this song at a real, live sporting event is a no-brainer.


Dedicated to whichever team is losing after the second quarter. If there is anyone who can inspire you to be your best self–or quickly drop and deliver 10 sets of push-ups–it’s Beyoncé.


A sleeper pick for such a vast arena, but! The ladies will be in New Orleans, which creates the perfect opportunity for Lil Wayne to join in with his verse. We know you love football, Weezy. We assume complimentary tickets to the game are also involved.

“Say My Name”

Their signature. This sassy and confident approach to potential infidelity is a great welcome back anthem for those who haven’t been thinking about DC3 over the last eight years.


If notorious advertisers are scaling back on the T&A during this year’s show, certain audience members are going to need to search elsewhere for a little eye candy. (And until we know who’s playing, we can’t just assume Tom Brady will fulfill this role.) Just make sure everything is secured with double-stick tape, ladies. Unfortunately the world still hasn’t recovered from Janet and Justin in ‘ 04.

Bonus points if they can book Stevie Nicks before February 3. Fleetwood Mac doesn’t start their tour until April…

Destiny’s Child To Join Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show! [Us Weekly]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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