Like Clockwork, Taylor Swift Returns To The Studio After Harry Styles Split

by (@emilyexton)

Taylor Swift Back in the Studio After Harry Styles Breakup

People handle breakups differently, and for the wealthy creative types among us, wallowing in self-pity isn’t as attractive a healing method as throwing oneself back into his or her work. Why suffer all by your lonesome when you can pay people to tell you that you’re wonderful? After pop music’s version of Scary Island that reportedly killed the young love between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift over the holidays, the One Direction star was seen entering a London studio with his bandmates earlier this week. And after hanging behind only to lend herself to a new Internet meme, Taylor appears to be doing the same. “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” she tweeted on Thursday evening, days after returning from her holiday gone awry. In this unpredictable world, thank goodness we reliable Taylor to keep us feeling sane.

At only 23, Taylor’s been an extremely productive artist in her short career, so booking studio time doesn’t necessarily mean she’s spilling dirt on Hazza. But Taylor is also a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve–and liner notes–and uses songwriting as a method of catharsis. Why sit around in PJs, eating ice cream and watching Bravo when she could be strumming about another failed romance? Her guitar is the only thing that truly understands her pain. Somewhat related: Theories as to what caused the couple made of PR catnip to split are beginning to surface. Leading the pack is the suggestion that Taylor wasn’t frisky enough behind closed doors for the 18-year-old’s horny liking. Yet another reason to date older, Tay.

Taylor’s fourth album Red was released in October, and there hasn’t been talk of a follow-up just yet as her accompanying tour kicks off in March. If she is working on something inspired by Harry, a bevy of North American dates will provide ample opportunities to debut a new breakup song (or twelve). Plus, One Direction will be traveling Europe by that point, so between time zones and curious Internet connections, Harry will never hear about any of this should Taylor decide to vent to 30,000 of her closest friends. Speak now!

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