Beyoncé’s “Life Is But A Dream” Trailer: Blue Ivy Meets Her Fans

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Beyonce Introduces Blue Ivy To Her Fans In HBO Trailer 2

Life Is But a Dream, the forthcoming HBO documentary written, produced and starring Beyoncé, is the perfect subject to satisfy the needs of any pop culture viewing party during the off weekend between the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Suggested party attire includes, but is not limited to: leotards, heels and anything with the Brooklyn Nets logo.

Along with entertainment value, the project is also the 31-year-old superstar’s attempt to slightly debunk the notion of perfection so many photo spreads and carefully calibrated interviews have created, or at the very least get us to believe that famous people have occasional moments of self-doubt and/or eat junk food on camera. Bug-eyed shots of Beyoncé pontificating out loud illustrate the personal testaments that she, too, feels insecure, particularly when forced to conform an ever-expanding, baby vessel into tiny stage ensembles. It is painful, we’re sure, but is it enough to get you to tune in?

The first trailer gave us a shot of Bey’s baby bumpconspiracy theorists be damned–and the intimate scrapbook-style reveal of her pregnancy continues with glimpse of Baby Blue in utero in Numero Dos.

Beyonce Shows Blue Ivy Sonogram in HBO Trailer

The Carter family’s firstborn seems to be their go-to subject these days; soon after the belly rub seen ’round the world the notoriously private couple pulled back the veil over what we only assumed was an amazing personal life to reveal Beyoncé possibly suffered a miscarriage. But it appears details about the days leading up to meeting their bundle of blue joy are about the only pieces of new information they’re willing to share, aside from additional footage of stellar live performances and an enviable collection of loungewear. From the 90-second preview, untouched subjects remain–namely her relationship with her father, allegations of inauthentic songwriting and poor business practices–leaving us less than convinced that Beyoncé’s newest project will expose everything about the superstar, and not just her adorable and inevitably talented spawn.

What do you think? Will Bey go on the offensive come February 16, dishing previously unheard statements on the aforementioned hot topics, or simply try and distract us with shiny footage from her comeback performances last May? And as for the title: a hint at Blue Ivy’s favorite bedtime song, or further evidence that  Beyoncé lives in a world we only experience after a good meal and two Ambien?

Life Is But a Dream Trailer: Beyoncé Is a Human, Too [Vulture]

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