Big Boi Is Tired Of The Outkast Questions ‘Cause ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ With Their Relationship


The Outkast saga continues as we’re reminded daily that we shouldn’t expect any new music from the southern pair. See, as music lovers everyone got all excited about the possibility of a reunion when Big Boi added his verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter.” Then there was talk about an added Big Boi verse on T.I.‘s “Sorry” that already featured Andre 3000. An educated guess led us all to believe that the logical next step was an actual Outkast song that we’ve waited for for six long years. But nope. 3 Stacks had to go kill our dreams with the statement on “what this is … and what it isn’t.”

Today VIBE dug through their December archives and posted a quote from an interview with Big Boi. He basically told the magazine (in my summation, not his actual words), ‘We’re good so stop bloody asking me about it.’ And by Outkast being good he means their kids actually play together and whatnot. How cute. “Our kids play together. My kids go to his mom’s house for the summer. They stay the night at Uncle Dre’s house,” he told VIBE. “We have real personal time with our families. We’ve been in the public eye for so long, people just don’t understand. He comes over with his dad, we watch football and shoot pool. Antwaun and Andre’s relationship ain’t based in the public eye like that.”

So while they continue to pursue individual music careers they are great on the personal front. “Now, I don’t even answer any Outkast questions. Until y’all see us sitting together, don’t ask me about no Outkast. Only so many times you can say, ‘Ain’t nothing wrong.'” Good to know. And since “ain’t nothing wrong,” how about y’all hit up that studio and put it in a song?

Big Boi Says ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ In Relationship With Andre 3000

[Photo: Getty Images]

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