Aaliyah’s “Quit Hatin'” Has Surfaced With No Word On The Posthumous Album


An old-new Aaliyah song hit the ‘net making fans miss the fallen singer even more. “Quit Hatin'” is the airy R&B  drum heavy ballad produced by Knotch and Dre Sinatra. It’s the classic tale of a woman’s friends warning her against a new lover. And Aaliyah’s response is for them to quit hatin’. It’s been almost 12 years since the unfortunate tragedy so the vocals are at least  a decade old. Plus, she’s singing about 20″ rims. People have either graduated to 24’s or no rims at all. The production however is much newer than the vocals giving the record a new millennium feel. 

The lyrics are reminiscent of the 90s/early 2000 girl anthem songs. “They say you a baller/I hear you just a player/Then my friends tell me/I should have never did it/But now I’m in love with ya/And then I have to tell them/Quit hating on him/Don’t be jealous.” On January 16th Aaliyah would’ve been 34. Somewhere Drake was contemplating on another tattoo to commemorate his obsession admiration for her as an artist. As of now there’s no word on if the Canadian actor turned rapper had anything to do with the new materialized record since he’s executive producing the posthumous album.

After multiple listens we’re not blown away, but wouldn’t turn the station if it was on the radio. It’s groovy. For the mere fact alone that vocals Aaliyah recorded over a decade ago can remain relevant today is a testament to her artistry. Somebody please call Timbaland and Missy so we can get that old thing back.

Aaliyah’s “Quit Hatin’”: Hear The New Posthumous Leak [Idolator]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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