Lance Armstrong Isn’t The Only Lance With A Confession To Make

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Lance Bass Makes Frosted Tips Confession

In the spirit of sharing, Lance Bass went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to reveal a very painful, personal secret from his past–something his fellow *NSync members didn’t even know. Having previously cleared up any questions about his sexuality and expressed a strong desire to fly to the moon, who knows what he’s been harboring long after the marionette strings were locked away for a rainy day.

“For many years, throughout the ’90s, I frosted my tips,” Bass bravely confessed during Thursday’s late-night show, following Lance Armstrong‘s teary one-on-one with Oprah Winfrey.  What and huh? This is the kind of intelligence that downright shocks those of us passionate TRL voters who truly believed he was born with a beautiful, naturally sun-kissed head.

Despite the ubiquity of these highlights among boy bands, Canadian rockers and eighth-grade boys, Bass felt his altered hair color presented him in a false light. Chemicals do give performers an unfair advantage, and we applaud the star’s courage to come clean on such a controversial issue. “But the tips of your hair weren’t lighter than the rest of your hair, so in essence you were cheating?” asked Jimmy Kimmel, a known pop-coiff expert, to clarify for those at home enraged by the deceit. “I think America would hate you less if you could cry.” Truth (sadly.)

Lance Bass Makes Frosted Tips Confession


Don’t be too hard on yourself, Lance. It was the late ’90s! Put it this way: even though you lied, at least you don’t have to give back your nonexistent Grammy Awards.

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