Nicki Minaj Is Already Complaining About American Idol

by (@emilyexton)

Two days into Season 12 of American Idol and we are sincerely feeling for the entire crew. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj didn’t waste any time trading not-so-discreet digs on Wednesday night’s premiere, and episode two saw Nicki take issue with the entire program as a whole (no discrimination, for better or for worse). Live-tweeting the second night of auditions, as stars are wont to do these days, Nicki hit Twitter with a message of disapproval, directed at the show: “Is Idol really gonna play themselves and show that sh-t? Smdh. Wow.”

We can’t be too surprised by this reaction, mostly because we’ve had plenty of warning that this day would come. Nicki’s live-tweeting did provide a shout-out to Lazaro Arbos–the Cuban-born contestant who struggled with a stuttering problem but delivered an amazing rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”–and sought to promote any positive mentions of her judging style from the loyal Barbz who fill her timeline. Thursday night’s episode did, however, see Nicki “jokingly” argue with a female contestant she wasn’t impressed by over their similar purple eye shadow, as well as wave a hand Mariah’s way when she attempted to counter with her positive comments. Consider it a lite version of the time she threaten to knock Mimi out.

Nicki didn’t specify exactly what is causing her to shake her head, but our vote goes to picking a fake fight with an Idol hopeful over a common makeup palette. It’s not the most flattering move in the world, even for someone who has eaten fried chicken on live morning television. Throughout Mariah’s interjections and the subsequent back-and-forth, the male judges were merely willing to roll their eyes and joke that–LOL!–reality television is completely insane. Never a dull moment, folks! And we’re only two episodes in.

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