Save The Date: A New Vampire Weekend Album Is Coming In May

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Vampire Weeekend Announce New Album May 7

There is light at the end of this cold, cruel winter, namely in the form of a new Vampire Weekend album. Rejoice! It’s been way too long, yes? Vampire Weekend’s third album will be released on May 6 or 7, the Columbia grads have announced via their website, home to all things VDub as well as awesome re-imagined versions of George Washington crossing the Delaware.¬† The still untitled LP will be their first since 2010’s Contra, and the lengthy wait may have tortured those of you who have become accustomed to Rihanna-like release schedules. But, as Ezra Koenig (and Cheryl Cole) will tell us, sometimes you have to fight for things you love. In this context “fight” means “respectfully wishing and hoping,” in case that wasn’t clear.

The quiet way in which the group recorded their latest release–save for a headlining gig at the Pitchfork Festival, a Halloween show on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the continuous stream of gems hidden within bassist Chris Baio‘s tremendous tweets–might have caused us to overlook VW on our Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 list. (We are sorry!) But not now, folks. And not ever again. It’s a new year, with new material from the ‘dub, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Will they continue on the road of Paul Simon-inspired indie pop perfection, or borrow influences from various side projects? Pitchfork pointed out the mysterious letters on the bottom left-hand corner of their site’s homepage, leading us to assign ourselves homework of researching typography in hopes of uncovering a clue. The aforementioned Kimmel spot alerted us to “Unbelievers,” believed (heh) to be featured on the new disc. It’s great–not drastically different from their previous releases–and gets assisted by a full horn and string section. “More horns, always” is a good life rule to have, in our humble opinion.

With the recording process behind them, the guys also recently performed in Sydney, Australia, as part of the 2013 Big Day Out Festival. Check out their version of Contra‘s “Giving Up the Gun,” below.

Is it May yet?

Vampire Weekend Announce Album Release Date [Pitchfork]

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