EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: No One Misses My So-Called Life As Much As Tegan & Sara

by (@emilyexton)

When a great television series is taken out to pasture, where can fans go to mourn together peacefully? Tumblr, for one, but what about the welcoming halls of VH1? We missed Best Week Ever so much we brought it back!

Tegan & Sara were gracious enough to stop by VH1 HQ to chat about their upcoming album Heartthrob–a 2013 release we can’t wait to hear–as well as the ’90s television shows they miss the most, and the vintage fashions they otherwise regret. The music video for lead single “Closer” has a distinct ’90s feel, and the band has previously said it was inspired by one of their favorite shows: the criminally short-lived but eternally beloved, My So-Called Life. Because we’re television junkies around these parts, too, we couldn’t help but ask them to elaborate on their early fascination with Angela, Rickie and Rayanne.

“I mean, Angela was us,” Sara explains. “Like, we really related, you know, we kinda look like her, we listen to the same kind of music as her, and we had an eclectic group of friends like she did and so it resonated really deeply.” If you’ve been looking for someone to talk to about your own hallway dramas and experimentation with flannel, welcome home.

Tegan and Sara Talk '90s Love in VH1 Interview

While on the subject of their Pacific Northwest palette came the revelation that the stylish twins weren’t always a part of fashion’s cool crowd. As a decade, the ’90s had its flaws, and both Tegan and Sara were eager to spill on what they wouldn’t encourage their own kids to try at home in the name of personal expression. Pro tip: Thin it out.

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