What Questions Do We Want Justin Bieber To Answer On Believe Acoustic?

by (@emilyexton)

Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic Will Answer Questions

Upon first hearing about Justin Bieber‘s Believe Acoustic, dropping this Tuesday, the album sounded like a quickly processed collection of more intimate takes on some of his biggest songs. “Boyfriend,” undone, “As Long As You Love Me” like its dubstep fathers never intended it to be, and so on. Reissues are a thing of now, and who better than the Bieb to get in on the potential profits held within? Still, we were more intrigued to hear that the album will potentially–we say with caution, as Justin has a history of pranking us–contain some new material, stuff that Bieber promises will be the (musical?) solutions to the many uncertainties that keep us up at night:

now #6DAYS until i answer all the questions – #BELIEVEacoustic#COUNTDOWN#6DAYS

Laugh all you want, but there really are some! Whether it’s the mark of a slow news day or a true attempt to bring down the Bieb and the swaggy empire he’s built in just six years, tabloids seem to love cooking up kooky stories involving everyone’s favorite 18-year-old fondue enthusiast. But even the most ridiculous stories got us thinking: with all that’s been written, tweeted and gossiped about the Canadian star, what are we most curious to hear straight from his mouth (and the acoustic guitar of Dan Kanter)? He’s already addressed the headlines that rocked 2011 on Believe–right, Maria(h)?–so here are a few OTHER ideas…

Questions We Want Justin Bieber To Answer on Believe Acoustic:

1. Whose rhymes are harder to execute live: Drake‘s or Big Sean‘s?

2. In times of romantic trouble, does Usher give you lady advice?

3. How many tattoos DO you have?

4. Does Scooter Braun sleep?

5. Can you explain the rationale behind wearing pants like these?

Justin Bieber Pants

6. Are you Team Mariah or Team Minaj?

7. Does Carly Rae Jepsen call anyone herself?

8. What kind of conditioner do you use?

9. What exactly is sizzurp?

10. How do you eat McDonald’s (allegedly) and look like this?

Shirtless Justin Bieber

11. Are you as excited for Spring Breakers as we are?

12. Has Taylor Swift taught you the proper way to write a breakup song?

13. Are you thrilled or terrified that Justin Timberlake is releasing an album this year, too?

14. Do Canadians do it better?

15. What does Harry Styles smell like? (Sorry, but it’s all we can think about these days.)

We expect succinct and hummable answers to all this and more by Tuesday. Choreography that acts out some of the more complex responses is encouraged, but not required.

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