Mariah Carey Vs. Nicki Minaj American Idol Tofu Beef Solved: Divas Mad Over “Country Thing” Comment


Drama much? The American Idol judges headed to Charlotte, North Carolina on last night’s episode to what turned out to be a crop of talented singers like Brian Rittenberry and Candice Glover and Summer Cunningham. Too bad Summer didn’t know an honest comment about the type of music she’d sang in the past would lead to such diva dramatics.

Summer performed a country version of “Lean On Me” and the judges liked it. When Keith Urban asked where she saw herself musically her “I did the country thing” response annoyed Keith. And he told her as much. It’s not that she doesn’t want to do country, but she prefers “soulful country.” The “country thing” comment was like the gift no one wants but  kept on giving anyway. Neither Keith Urban nor Randy Jackson nor Mariah Carey would let it go. Nicki Minaj was not pleased.

Nicki’s body language was one of a toddler pouting because she wasn’t getting her way. After Summer was sent to Hollywood Nicki voiced her displeasure in feeling like the judges were trying to pick the contestant apart, ultimately forcing her to chose a genre. “For a minute, I thought it was a country music debate,” she said. “Why are we like picking her apart because of a country comment? It’s like you’re scaring her into lying. You’re forcing her to claim something.” Mariah sets the record straight (very sarcastically) that they are trying to help her instead of commenting on her outfit, which could be interpreted as a dig at Nicki’s judging style. Nicki stormed off the set feeling attacked saying, “Shut the f— up. I’m over it.”

What viewers witnessed last night was all the network chose to air from the leaked tape back in October. Hard to believe it’s all over a “country thing” comment. Or maybe their tiff had absolutely nothing to do with that at all. Nicki had a point about forcing contestents into choosing a genre just as Mariah and Randy, as professionals in the music industry for many many years, have a right to ask questions to find out what genre a contestent thinks they fall into. None of that is either here or there. Charlotte, North Carolina showed up and showed out. And instead of discussing the booming talent from last night’s episode we’re focused on Nick and Mariah drama. How unfortunate.

Who were some of your favorites from last night? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section!

‘American Idol': Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey brawl sparked by disagreement over ‘country thing’ [Entertainment Weekly]

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