The Music Of Nashville, Episode 11: One Works Better Than Two


The Music Of Nashville

As I mentioned in my last recap of Nashville, the original music that we get to hear on the show is inversely proportional to the number of dramatic plot lines being juggled all at once, so for the past couple weeks, which have been full of rehab-filled exposition and set-up, we’ve hardly gotten any music. We have gotten some hopeful reconciliations between Jolene and Juliette, Deacon and Juliette, and Scarlett and everyone in Avery‘s band, though, which is nice. All of a sudden Juliette’s the mature one and Rayna is the horn-dog, flirting with Liam while also trying to make good with Deacon and Teddy and basically have it all, huh?

I guess, to my earlier point, it’s not that we haven’t heard any music on the show at all, but it’s all been stuff we’ve heard before — “Wrong Song,” “Boys And Buses,” etc. But last night, we did get a couple new songs/warbles out of dear, delicate Scarlett, who’s destined to destroy Avery (unintentionally) by co-opting his band and co-headlining it with Gunnar. After Avery ditched his band and his girlfriend because he’s the worst, we see them all band together for a garage jam session. They keep calling themselves the “good guys” so I’m not going to be surprised if that’s eventually the name of their super-group, but in a hilarious, only-on-TV and I-totally-called-it-before-it-happened moment, Avery is driving recklessly through the streets of Nashville in the car that was gifted to him by Wyclef Jean, and hey, he hears his own song on the radio. But then it’s DROWNED OUT as he drives past “the good guys'” practice and he hears Scarlett singing with all his old friends. The song they’re singing is called “One Works Better,” and when Avery hears Scarlett sing the line “this one works better than two” he angrily drives off in his fancy car.

The song, written by Kate York, Tofer Brown, Natalie Hemby and Rosi Golan, gets the behind-the-scenes treatment over on the Nashville blog on, and in the clip below, you can hear the story of how it was written. Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett, also talks about why the song is a great fit for the character and not only do we get to hear her native Australian accent for once, but she also has a way lower voice register than she uses on the show, which is annoying to me, because Scarlett’s high-pitched baby voice is the one thing that irks me about this show. Yo, she got the deep voice, let her use it!

Next week, I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to see the three-way dynamic between Rayna, Deacon, and Juliette play out as they tour together. Maybe I’m the horn-dog, but I want to see Deacon get some love from SOMEone. Anyone! Well, maybe not Juliette’s mom (which they would totally throw in there, you just know it), but I want this sad, sad man to be happy, is that too much to ask?


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