Beyonce Is Performing “Crazy In Love” And “Survivor” At The Super Bowl And All Is Right With The World Again

by (@emilyexton)

Beyonce's Super Bowl Set List

Beyoncé‘s inauguration duties are behind her, and we’d like to call for a moratorium on chatter about whether she dared to use a backing track in the presence of Barack Obama. There bigger problems at hand and Bey has plenty of fabulous people in her corner should sticklers want to argue about something that escalated Whitney Houston to new levels of fame. And we, as fans, have much more important things on our agenda! Like, planning a Super Bowl party with scheduled bathroom trips as not to miss any important demonstrations of athletic ability–or impressive freakoutery by one Jim Harbaugh–and flawless musical talent from this year’s halftime star. Can you believe we’re just nine days away? I wouldn’t wait much longer to acquire the necessities for seven-layer dip.

According to Us Weekly, Beyoncé’s February 3 performance will include solo material (“Crazy in Love,” obviously) as well hits from Destiny’s Child when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams join her onstage before the second half. The three women will perform a medley of “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” and “Nuclear,” making us feel pretty good about our predictions if and when such a live reunion should occur. But which DC3 hit does Ray Lewis get down to in the off-season? If I could make one request–and it’s very difficult to keep it only to one–I’d ask for a little bit of “Bug A Boo” to allow all former MCI employees and pager owners their own moment in the sun.

So the Beyontroversy is done, and it’s back to business once again. But wait, don’t people lip-synch at Super Bowl halftime shows?

Exclusive: Beyonce’s Super Bowl Songs with Destiny’s Child Revealed! [Us Weekly]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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