Where Does Frank Ocean And Chris Brown’s Brawl Rank In Music Beefs Of 2013?


Only 28 days into 2013 and the Grade D beefs between artists keep rolling in. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been the hot water-cooler topic since October but that may have just changed with news of Frank Ocean and Chris Brown‘s brawl over a parking space. Check out our top five beefs of 2013.

1. Chris Brown and Frank Ocean get ’bout it ’bout it over a parking space

If reports are accurate, Chris and Frank actually fought. For this reason alone this is the leading feud of the year. Although their dislike for one another has been lingering since June 2011, it’s almost laughable the two came to blows over a parking spot. And how often does a celeb tweet then delete anything that could paint them in negatively in the press? Not Frank O. He’s rocking out with his tweet that Chris and his boys jumped him. If only his dog Everest had been there. 

2. It’s a “country thing” and you will deal

Mariah and Nicki is big because, well, it’s Nicki and Mariah. Now that we know the tongue lashing Nicki gave Mariah back in October stemmed from a contestant’s “the country thing” comment their beef has been demoted to tofu. It makes for interesting TV to watch the diva judges’ chemistry or lack thereof, but this fading into Neverneverland is long overdue.

3. If it’s not on wax Angel Haze and Azealia Banks won’t respect it

The female emcees showed you how to do this, son. Nasty Twitter exchanges turned into Angel Haze dropping her diss in 20 minutes. Azealia responded on wax. And so on. Male rappers, you have been notified. We will no longer take your faux beefs seriously if a diss track isn’t dropped within 30 minutes. Take notes.

4. Consequence needs a hug over his fallout with Kanye

Consequence is not happy about Kanye West not congratulating him on the birth of his son and chose to air out their dirty laundry on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Consequence and his girlfriend Jen the Pen claim it was Consequence who used to drive Kanye and Kim Kardashian to the hotel when she was with Reggie Bush. Also, Consequence doesn’t even want you to think of calling Kanye the best without crediting him since he’s been his ghostwriter. Consequence and Yeezy have such a long history we actually think they could’ve have worked this out with a simple phone call. Kanye won’t ever address this, but maybe we’ll get a subliminal verse on his upcoming non-Cruel Winter album.

5. No once cared about Cassidy and Meek Mill’s battle over who’s the best from Philly

There’s nothing like a rapper who no one’s no longer checking for–Cassidy–going after fresh blood–Meek Mill. From Twitter to mediocre diss tracks the Philly natives should really stick to not making diss tracks. We’re yawning at this point.

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