EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tegan & Sara Discuss Joey McIntyre And The Meaning Of Heartthrob

by (@emilyexton)

Happy New Music Tuesday! Tegan & Sara‘s very excellent Heartthrob is out today (currently available for purchase on iTunes and streaming via Spotify). For their seventh album, the band wanted to switch things up a bit, drawing inspiration from their ’90s favorites and creating their own version of pop that’s dominating the mainstream. We sat down with the sisters to get the inside info on the album title, a tongue-in-cheek attempt at switching up some commonly held gender roles… at the expense of one of our most beloved boy bands.

“We thought that it was cool to sort of appropriate that and sort of have a bit of fun with the idea of us being heartthrobs,” Sara explains. “But also with the idea of status and fame and objectification and [how that fades] over time.” So, is she saying Ryan Gosling isn’t always going to have a six-pack firm enough for us to rest our cheek upon and Eddie Redmayne‘s freckles will one day wrinkle? It hurts too much to imagine. “I used to love Joey McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block and now it’s as if Joey means nothing to me, you know?” Gasp! We don’t. Even if he’s going on tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees? Fine, all the more for Sherri Shepherd.

Tegan and Sara Discuss "Heartthrob" Meaning

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