The Top 9 Unexpected Endorsements From Music Stars


You know you’ve made it when the major dough starts rolling in for endorsement deals. Ask Beyonce about that $50 million Pepsi deal or 50 Cent‘s partnership with Vitamin Water (which netted him somewhere between $60-$100 milli). Taylor Swift didn’t let the ink dry before announcing, via video, her new venture with Diet Coke. It’s unclear how much Taylor made from this collaboration, but it’s T. Swift. She’s definitely not accepting chump change. In honor of Taylor being the newest addition to #teamCoke, we present the most unexpected and/or outrageous musician endorsements.

1. 50 Cent/Vitamin Water
50 Cent And Some Babies Drink Vitamin Water
Everyday 50 Cent whispers in his dog Oprah‘s ear, “Hip-hop has saved my life. And made me a very rich man.” Who would’ve ever thought a “gangster rapper” would sign a deal with a healthy water company. Initially it was reported 50 Cent collected a whopping $400 which was later debunked. Whatever the actual figure was this may have been the smartest decision he ever made. Even smarter than building a rap career on beef.

2. Justin Bieber/OPI
Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection
Justin Bieber and nail polish? You will deal. Biebs teamed up with girl and woman favorite nail polish brand, OPI, to create One Less Lonely Girl. Is this what Rick Ross means when he raps, “I got that Justin Bieber please believe me?”

3. Mary J. Blige/Burger King
Mary J Blige Burger King
At a certain point in one’s career you have to stop and ask yourself, “Do I really want to be singing about chicken?” This was all kinds of bad for MJB. The stereotype of black people loving chicken (which is completely stupid because don’t all carnivorous humans love chicken?) turned this jingle into an overnight nightmare. Burger King never knew controversy like one that involves stereotyping. Hopefully Mary’s recovered from the backlash and somewhere singing, “No more drama in my life.”

4. Diddy/Proactive

Diddy is rich, b*tch! But no so rich that he doesn’t suffer from the occasional breakout or acne blotches. Proactive to the rescue, and Diddy cashes another check. We think they call that a win, win.

5. Jay-Z/Duracell
Jay Z Duracell
Duracell must have approached Jigga with a hefty pay-out for this weird endorsement. A battery company isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of Jay-Z. But hey, who would’ve ever thought a former drug dealer would be rubbing elbows with the president? Crazier things have happened.

6. Andre 3000/Gillette
Andre 3000 Gillette Commercial
Collect those coins Mr. 3000. But if it’s a shaving company that’s keeping you away from reuniting with Big Boi we rebuke thee. We just want an Outkast album, man.

7. Rihanna/Vita Coco
Rihanna VitaCoco Endorsement
50 taught ‘em. There’s money to be made in water. Madonna invested in Vita Coco and Rihanna became the face of the coconut water brand. We wonder if she actually drinks this stuff. Hmmmm.

8. Jennifer Lopez/Fiat
J. Lo Fiat
Really J. Lo? Fiat? We get it. You’re still Jenny from the block. We highly doubt you’re riding through the ghettos in an economy car the size of my old Barbie trailer. Let’s get real.

9. Mariah Carey/Jenny Craig

For the record: Mariah has never been chunky. Her curvaceous body has remained on point in her two decade long career. But as all regular women without a personal trainer, chef and millions of dollars know, having kids changes things. If Jenny Craig is promising weight loss similar to Mimi’s experience after having twins, we’d assume women signed up in droves.

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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