Was The Rick Ross Shooting A Publicity Stunt? 50 Cent’s Tweets Beg The Question

by (@Lacezilla)

50 Cent Accuses Rick Ross Of Faking Driveby Shooting

After shots were reportedly fired at Rick Ross’ Rolls Royce in the early hours of yesterday morning, the MMG capo and a female companion were said to have fled the vehicle unscathed after it crashed into a nearby building. With fans and foes having little confirmed information to go on, the rumor mill is now churning: Was Ross the victim of an attempted murder, or was this whole episode a publicity stunt?

It goes without saying that gun violence is no joking matter, nor are yesterday’s reports regarding Rozay, or rap beefs in general. If you ask 50 Cent, however, he won’t be reluctant to tell you that there’s comedic value to be found here. After the shooting and car crash, 50 took to Twitter to voice his thoughts, asserting that the entire incident was “staged,” and even went as far as to Instagram a photograph of the scene. “No hole’s in da car,” he wrote before firing off a second tweet, which was more machismo in nature than anything else, reiterating his familiarity with bullet-proof vehicles.

50 Tweaks Rick Ross On Twitter

While 50 and Rick Ross may be long-time rivals, the Queens rapper’s theory that the incident is staged is one that is getting a bit of traction online. Whether they are supporters of 50 or not, hundreds of tweets regarding the incident have been published since yesterday using the words “publicity stunt,” “staged,” and “hoax.” Before any more details are revealed, do you guys have any hypotheses to add into the mix? Was this real, fake, or maybe just a warning? We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the investigation continues.

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