Move Over, Ray Lewis: Beyoncé Is Putting In Some Serious Work Before The Super Bowl

by (@emilyexton)

Beyonce Super Bowl Rehearsal 1212

Four days and counting until Beyoncé takes over New Orleans, bringing what we hope will be a life-changing experience that leaves us all feeling a little more empowered and a lot more entertained. Oh, and I think there’s a football game going on? Something about two brothers and a tattoo enthusiast slash quarterback who has a large pet turtle? Eh, anyway, back to business.

Beyonce Super Bowl Referee

We have a sneaky suspicion that football would be a lot less violent if Bey was blowing the whistle.

Lucky for those of us who can’t get to NOLA in time, Beyoncé is documenting her rehearsals (or carefully posing in flattering light) leading up to Sunday’s big game halftime show. Inauguration schmauguration, right? The best way to deflect negative attention is by offering up a tasty, exclusive peek at an otherwise mythical and secret life; no one understands this better than Beyoncé and her team. But what will she sing? What will she wear? Who will join her for a not-so-surprising live collaboration? Will we cry?

In order to help you fully wrap your head around what will and won’t go down on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve pulled the best of Bey’s pre-show images. Brace yourselves for lots of hair flipping and deep stretches. From what we can see, there will be dancing, dancing and more dancing, plenty of saxophone solos, and maybe one or two shout-outs to her hubby’s home team. Chill out, Roger Goodell! It’s a different league entirely. We’re not the only ones who consider this a Beyoncé concert with a football game in between, and we must prepare accordingly.

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