We Now Have An Answer To The “What’s J.C. Chasez Been Up To Recently?” Question

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JC Chasez Does "Ho Hey" Cover For USC Sorority

Shooting music videos with Tara Reid, judging America’s Best Dance Crew, and singing at sorority functions? While J.C. Chasez has kept a lower profile than his former *NSync buddy Justin Timberlake in recent months, the latest locale he’s turned up in is more surprising than the time we learned what the acronym for “ADIDAS” really meant. Yes, he has a tendency to wear fedoras in public and hang out with Glee‘s Matthew Morrison, but apparently JC is also a fan of the unexpected pop-up performance and somewhat stealing the thunder of nervous male undergrads who are just trying to snag a formal date.

For reasons that have yet to be explained, Chasez showed up to croon for the ladies of USC’s Delta Delta Delta over the weekend, along with members of the local Delta Tau Delta chapter. It comes as no surprise that the college bros would opt for “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers–proven lady catnip since last year–but pairing JC’s vocals with steady eye contact could make even the spoken-for sorority gals melt (risky move, guys). Shame on those of you playing with your phones.

As for questions, we have many:

1. What is J.C.’s relationship with a bunch of college dudes? Is he trying to make up for lost time? (We’d imagine there were some similarities between the *NSync tour bus and a frat house.) Does he owe someone’s dad a favor?

2. Not to be ageist, but how old were these female students when *NSync was in its prime, anyway? (They’re our boy band to be nostalgic for! You guys can have JLS.)

3. Who decided on “Ho Hey”? We have nothing against the former YOK artist, but must we be the only ones who continue to fight so “Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)” will one day get the positive attention it so richly deserves?

We know you’ve been writing and producing for Morrison, David Archuleta and McFly, but we need you back in the studio, Joshua Scott. Everyone’s doing it these days!

UPDATE: Tuner got a hold of Elisabeth Roberts, a sophomore member of Tri-Delta at USC who recorded the video above. Roberts revealed that a member of Delta Tau Delta was interning for Chasez, and asked him for help with his fraternity’s exchange (a joint party between one fraternity and one sorority) invitation. “Usually there are not celebrity appearances so this was very exciting as you can tell from the squeals and sighs,” she explained.

‘N Sync’s JC Chasez Sings Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” to USC Sorority in Surprise Serenade—Watch Now [E! Online]

[Video: Elisabeth Roberts]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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