Beyonce Has A Lot To Say About Her Miscarriage In HBO Documentary


You wanted Beyonce to open up more and she delivered. In her upcoming Life Is But a Dream HBO documentary the singer reveals how she felt after miscarrying what would have been her first child.

Bey’s hubby Jay-Z rapped about the miscarriage on “Glory” last year while his wife remained silent. For the documentary produced, directed and created by Bey she tells it all, or at least all of what she doesn’t mind the world knowing. “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time and I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life,” she said in the documentary. “I picked out names. I envisioned what my child would look like…I was feeling very maternal. I flew back to New York to get my check up – and no heartbeat. Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.”

To cope she turned to what she knows best. “I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life and it was actually the first song I wrote for my album. And it was the best form of therapy for me, because it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.” She felt “overjoyed” when pregnant with Blue Ivy. The baby bump isn’t the only thing she’s showing off. Daily Mail has pictures from the documentary showing the ultrasound. Women all over the world experience miscarriages and suffer with the grief in silence. Kudos to Bey for speaking publicly about something a slew of women can relate to.

‘It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever been through': Beyonce opens up about her miscarriage for the first time [Daily Mail]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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